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Regenerate your Way of Life

Regenerate Solar is a Family Owned & Operated solar power supplier and field service firm based in Kenora, Ontario, focusing on residential solar power (photovoltaic, or "PV") and off-grid solar systems. Our goal is to help to drive broad, community-oriented change in energy production and use. Based in the ethics of environmental and social responsibility, we provide affordable opportunities for you to invest in solar power, to save money, increase (home/property) asset value, and become community leaders in the transition towards sustainable living.

We envision a future of sustainable energy for our community, and that means focusing our efforts where we live: here in Kenora on beautiful Lake of the Woods. Whether you want solar power for your Northwestern Ontario home, or need off grid solar power to bring the comforts of the city to your seasonal property,
[get in touch], together we can make it happen.

Regenerate Solar is made up of local families rooted in the community; we will proceed to deliver services with the understanding that you are, first and foremost, our neighbour.